Rules of Membership


Thanks for your interest in joining our Network. In order to help you and other members enjoy the best Networking experience possible we thrive to create a mutually beneficial relationship between members of our community where mutual respect and consideration of others are major factors.Kindly read below our rules and guidelines before proceeding to register

  1. All members must be civil and respectful in their interactions towards other members both online and offline.

2. No member is allowed to transact on behalf of or use Brunch and Bond for personal business activities.

3. Each membership registration will cover only one business/service type, members however can do multiple registrations to cover their different business types/services (registration fee is N35,000 yearly or every 12 months and is non-refundable)

4. Only businesses duly registered will be promoted across all Brunch and Bond platforms.

5. Members intending to renew their membership will do so not later than 2 months after due date to continue enjoying membership privileges.

6. Every member must attend a minimum of 4 out of 6 meetings yearly ( all of which are free for registered members).

7. Members will attend exhibitions organized by Brunch and Bond Network or give an early notice of absence.

8. Any member found guilty of promoting division, controversies, confusion or defrauding another member will automatically lose her membership and be removed from the group.

9. A member guilty of #8 above can appeal her case with the group’s admin and will be required to renew membership ifsuch an appeal is approved.

10. Brunch & Bond Network will not be held liable for any loss incurred as a result of individual dealings between its members.


Self-belief 89%
Ambition 61%
Persistence 71%
Passion 76%
Humility and a willingness to learn 85%