1. Always say Thank You!
People love to feel appreciated. No matter how big or small the gesture, a word of thanks goes a long way.

2. Offer sincere compliments!
Always leave people feeling good about themselves, everyone loves to receive compliments once in a while especially women.

3. Be positive!
No one likes to be around people who always finds problems to every solution

4. Communicate Effectively!
People are more likely to respond to someone who knows what they want and can express it properly.

5. Acknowledge your mistakes and rectify them!

6. Offer support!
You also need to look for ways to give even if its just words of encouragement or simply an ear to listen.

7. Have compassion!
Everyone is going through something you have no idea about. Don’t be tempted to judge a situation you be never been in.

8. Forgive mistakes and help the other person improve!

9. Mutual respect!
Do unto others as you would want done to you.